McKenzie Hanson is a creative director and consultant based in Chicago, IL. With a desire for authentic storytelling she finds inspiration everywhere from light reflecting off of Chicago buildings at sunset, or people's outfit's matching the walls they walk by, or the everyday workings of a business, and human connection. Creativity is a lot of intuition, observing, and executing based on the parameters you're given and she seeks to bring out and elevate whats already there. 


McKenzie specializes in photography, stop motion animation, and video. With experience in digital, print, and social media marketing she produces content based on the various needs of her clients. In addition, she helps align and elevate brand voice. In addition, McKenzie helps generate engagement with consumers through strategizing with clients for the best use of creative advertising for their digital spaces that will help brands connect with their consumers in the best way. 

In her spare time, she loves to Instagram about her travels and collaborations, spend time with her daughter, and shoot 35mm film with friends. She would absolutely love to create and collaborate with you!


IG: @itskenziejean


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